Solution Framework

Efficiency in the dynamic environment

Solution Framework


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The turbo
for your digital development

Do you need a high-performance, wireles data infrastructure for your company premises to control business-critical processes even over longer distances? Are you looking for wireless networking options for your production with guaranteed quality of service in order to avoid costly cabling work? Then you should look into the concept of a private campus wireless network based on 5G.

A private campus network based on the 5G standard solves all these problems and gives you completely new possibilities in the context of wireless communication. See the real-world examples ofhow 5G can comprehensively increase productivity across a wide range of industries. For more information, please download our 5G Whitepaper . There you will find the most important information about the advantages of campus networks.

With our compact 5G radio cells, which are easy to administer like a Wi-Fi router and can be transparently integrated into an existing IT infrastructure, you can turn on the turbo for your further digital company development in the shortest possible time. Let's talk about how we can approach your specific situation, commercially we will always find a way. Whether purchase, subscription or leasing – we help our customers fast and uncomplicated in this regard as well.

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Mobile Broadband Network

simple . universal . powerful

autarkom komcase

Rotatable 55" touch display with motor drive
5G outdoor and WiFi indoor router, video conferencing solution, all integrated in the robust rolling case (suitable for crane transport). The ideal environment for digital work in construction containers or other mobile environments.


autarkom komnet mobile

Fast and stable internet in any location
5G outdoor router for long ranges, WiFi6e router for optimal digital working conditions, dustproof and waterproof (IP67), delivered in a durable transport case. Coordinated components, put into operation in no time at all.


Mobile broadband network -

Digital collaboration in the mobile environment is often very tedicious or not possible. . Lack of coverage of public radio networks, low bandwidths and regular connection interruptions due to overbooking are widespread and hinder private and professional life.

But there is a remedy: by means of special antennas, specific 4G/5G routers or small, self-sufficient data centers that contain all components including touch display and keyboard, we ensure broadband and stable Internet at any location. Every situation is unique, but for every situation (even underground) there is a solution:

Fixed wireless access technology closes the gap to public mobile networks and provides you with high-performance access to your company's internal network resources.

Directional antennas eliminate the need for expensive multifunction cables for video/data transmission, as large bandwidth and high transmission speeds are available via 5G.

Mobile video conferencing technology enables you to communicate professionally digitally with all project participants (e.g. from the construction container)

The cost side: In our opinion, mobile working environments and flat rates for communication, which also cost money when they are not needed, do not fit together. Instead, we offer you dynamic mobile contracts that only incur costs to the extent that you use your connections. If little or no communication is made about a booked contract, there are only low or no costs.

These flexible fee models allow you to use mobile internet connections over and over again and not have to worry about costs if certain equipment is not used for a certain period of time.

Test us, even your poor reception can quickly turn into the opposite!

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Digital Processes

Real-time information from the dynamic environment

Process automation
with „Microbizz“

Central IT systems are often unable to deliver insights into the dynamics of everyday processes and to react immediately to operational necessities (e.g. employee shifts due to illness, longer time requirements for individual tasks, machine failure, vehicle scheduling).

This is where the solutions from autarkom and its partners come in:

We transform the digital islands in companies into end-to-end digital processes that permanently work with actual data, re-calculate them and make it available to everyone involved in the process in real-time. Microbizz provides managers and employees with real-time-transparency about current work and order situations, (mobile) inventories, project statuses and dispositions in any working environment. Recorded feedback data is immediately available for internal and external billing and relieves the administration of double work.

AI-powered Collaboration Service Platform to control day-to-day operations and resources in real-tie via shared app or portal

Transparency about people, machines, materials in dynamic processes for every process participant at all times

Special packages for construction, facility management and service management

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Digital instructions in any language in minutes

Digital instructions and documentation
with the tepcon „instructor“

Labour shortage and foreign languages - two major challenges for every company.

With the intelligent „instructor“ of our partner, tepcon GmbH, for the creation of visual and auditory work instructions, we dramatically accelerate the induction of (non-specialist) employees. Such a digital work instruction, which can be accessed via browser, mobile phone or tablet, is literally created in minutes and distributed throughout the company.

And best of all: at the touch of a button, any work instruction is translated into any language. .

Recording of instructions step by step directly at the object/product/workstation

Use of photos photos, videos, documents

Use via tablet/mobile devices

Versioningand change tracking

Logging of processing

Translation into any language at the click of a button

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Security for the digital work-space

Decisive factor
for Enterprises

Digital information is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in professional life. But means of IT-security must be simple so that it can be mastered and applied by users and IT departments on a daily basis. With the proven solutions of our partner POINTSHARP, we are able to help our customers on various levels and significantly increase IT security.

Email encryption without cumbersome certificate management.

Encrypted sending of e-mail attachments of any size (replacement of FTP).

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for internal and external systems

Impelementation of state-of-the-art authentication standards such as FIDO2 / SAML

Secure access for published applications by use of privately owned servers

Design and implementation Zero Trust strategies

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Rugged Devices


Harsh working environments
require rugged equipment

This is the only way to guarantee long-term, trouble-free use of end devices and to keep operating costs (which include, for example, data recovery and resetting of computers) under control. As the basis of our autarkom Solution Framework, we rely on the devices from the TOUGHBOOK series from Panasonic, which defy wind and weather and can also survive repeated falls from a height without damage.

Despite the higher purchase price for these devices, the long-term operating cost analysis (total cost of ownership) shows a more positive value than for conventional office IT devices, which break down much faster and more frequently or cannot be repaired.

Download the TCO analysis via the link on the right and contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a free test device on request.

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Subsidy adivce

individual . comprehensive . cooperative

Subsidy Advice

As we all know, the transformation of business processes into the digital world is not only complicated and time-consuming, but also cost-intensive. However, we will not leave you alone here either. The public sector has the greatest interest in supporting companies on this journey with a wide range of funding, as digitized processes represent the future. In many cases, digitization measures can be largely financed by such subsidies.

Unfortunately, however, the funding system presents itself like an impenetrable jungle to anyone who does not regularly deal with this complex. We offer you to "hit" the right path through this jungle for you. Our funding experts know exactly where to start in order to find the right funding measures for your project. And best of all: ideally, this advice is largely cost-neutral for you, as the advice itself is often funded.

Some examples of such funding programs (as of July 2023):

"Digital Now – Investment Promotion for SMEs" - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)

Digitization Premium Plus – Subsidy Variant (L-Bank)

Förderprogramm "go-digital" – (BMWK)

ERP Digitization and Innovation Loan (KFW)

Let us know how and how we can support you in this regard. Of course, this also applies separately from any other projects. Our procedure is quite simple and transparent and is based on the start of a running competition:

Ready: We get to know each other and gain insight into your technological project and your financial considerations

Steady: Our team of consultants will review the development forest with regard to your wishes

Go: We discuss the possibilities with you, you decide on the right funding program with our help, we guide you through the necessary documents and submit them for you

Funding: yes, complexity: no

We are looking forward to talking to you!

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Use Cases

descriptive . industry-independent . zukunftsorientiert

Case 1:

Improving internet connection
on site


Case 2:

Comprehensive use of
wireless communication


Case 3:

Reduction in costs
for planning documents


Case 4:

Office and IT infrastructure
on the construction site


Case 5:

Ensuring communication
for emergency services


Case 6:

Autonomous vehicles
on the company campus


Case 7:

Wireless operating
logistics centre